WAR Fever

September 17, 2008

Warhammer Online is officially in its headstart phase, and I rolled my toons up first thing yesterday morning.  By the time I got home from work, I was already 350/350 in the queue for the Destruction server, Volkmar.  I decided to work on my Order toon instead.

I am playing with the folks from Casualties of War, and thus far (open beta included) it has been a great experience.  I know the more prolific bloggers have written about the guild in better prose than me, so suffice it to say that the social aspect, as with most MMOs, will probably be the highlight of the game for me.  The officers quickly decided to try a different Destruction server, Thorgrim.  I switched out of the dwarf for my black orc and was soon questing away, hitting rank 7 this morning.  As a bonus I was able to get my primary handle on the new server as well.

On another note, I may get to play in an instance/dungeon (what is the right term?) group in the game.  As WAR allows for six people in a group, the Potshot / Wilhelm group has an extra space, and I hope to play a tank if I can stay up late enough on Saturdays.

My EVE accounts continue to train–I am about 25 days out from a Hulk.  My combat pilot is busy working towards tech II drones.  With WAR in the air, I will probably just be logging in to change skills anyway.  More to come–there is a lot of good will towards this game, and I for one hope it doesn’t get squandered by the fubared server caps at launch.  Do these companies understand how important a smooth launch is to the success of their game?