Title says it all.  I have achieved the Hulk.  Along with my EVE pod-mates, Wilhelm and of course Potshot, I am now mining at unimagined (by me anyway) rates.  With the Hulk on station alongside my combat pilot’s Retriever, money is a bit easier to come by of late.  In fact, the recent downturn in the kernite market has barely been in a hiccup in my cash flow–veldspar is readily available and the trit is selling fairly well.

The problem with new toys in EVE is it makes me want to play more–playing more makes me micromanage my skill queues.  When WAR was still shiny, I got the bulk of my Hulk skills down, drones V, gunnery V, electronics V, and a variety of other skills trained without noticing the time.  Now when I log in to mine or run missions, the hour and thirty minute skills seem to last forever.

At least I can haul in massive amounts of ore while it ticks by.  Next up are shield skills on the combat pilot and perhaps a Drake for my miner.  That pilot has little more than learning, industrial, and mining skills currently.


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  1. […] the fruition of long skill training cycles by both Gaff and Potshot, there has been a renewed interest in EVE Online.  Last week would have found us all […]

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