Back in EQ2 or Why I am Bored With WAR

So with some anticipation and excitement, I slipped into WAR a few weeks back.  I participated in the open beta with the CoWs, and was up and running on launch day.  In fact, I powered through to rank 16 with my black orc, staying ahead of most of the curve.  That is where things got a bit wierd.

First, on the Destruction server there were huge waits for scenarios–scenarios being the preferred leveling tool, and 16 levels of mostly PVE quests–led me to try the Order server for playability.  And off I went.  I leveled through to 16 again, but the second time through, even with the new quests and much more frequent scenarios, it was already becoming a grind.  In fact, so much so that I only log in to play with the Wilhelm/Potshot instance group anymore, and the last two weeks I have left a bit early.  I really like playing with a steady group, but the inability to progress except by “grinding” whether it be scenarios or pve quests, has led me to find excitment elsewhere.

EVE has been going well during this time–I’m mining away and skilling up for the big move to 0.0  My corp is there and I’m just trying to tuck away a few million isk and some supplies before I load up the jump freighter and head to nulsec.  And while there is plenty to do in EVE, there aren’t any swords.

Enter the old standby and perhaps the most diverse play experience out there, Everquest 2.  I started toying with the idea of finding Darren, who I don’t know very well and playing on a new server.  Of course, this being the cult of celebrity if you hear someone’s voice on a podcast they must know who you are, right? 

Start over I did.  Reactivating three EQ2 accounts and quickly rolling up a sarnak guard, defiler, and a ratonga dirge, I was off and running on a new server.  I am tempted to load up an unused, high level crafter from Crushbone and move him over–bags, boxes, plat, and everything else is missing.  But that would defeat the experiment.  I am trying to experience the game fresh, and that means leveling myself–currently to fourteen!  I think i will go provisioner and armorer for sure–laying down a steady coin flow this far into the game’s life may be difficult.  I am curious if i can make money outside the eng game tiers.

It’s been said, but bears repeating–the sarnak starting area of Timourous (sp?) Deep is well done–I’m enjoying swinging my sword once again, though it will probably be at the expense of my WAR account.


5 Responses to Back in EQ2 or Why I am Bored With WAR

  1. TheGamingdad says:

    I agree with a few points here… I have a 32 character on WAR and I’m also reactivating EQ2 as a secondary game with (once again) primary potential. I’m on Unrest and Permafrost servers.

    The reason really is… it’s still the best overall PVE experience out there, from level 1 to end game raiding. It’s not as easy as WoW and does not have the PVP focused elements of WoW or WAR… and I think that’s why it’s not as popular (that and a lot of people who intially played before the changes, haven’t came back.

    EQ2 is worth a 2nd subscription, that’s for sure.

  2. Gaff says:

    EQ2 is a lot of fun–and I think PVE has sustained me over a much longer stretch than PVP. I need to have more time and really flush out what bugs me in WAR. I don’t think my above article really does justice to my decision.

    Thanks for the comment.

  3. But, you could take that subscription money and be flying your own fleet in EvE!

  4. TheGamingdad says:

    What bugs me in WAR

    Inadequate PVE experience.

    Until level 40 Lairs, and even with them… i’m betting it’s still not adequate and probably wont be until an expansion or 2.

    Never had that problem with WoW or EQ2. I’ll still play WAR for PVP, but PVE is on the newly activated EQ2 account. (No reason to play WoW cause it was PVE/PVP together, and I like WAR’s PVP better)

    I’ll eventually write somethin up on my blog, when I’m done being lazy.

  5. […] of a holding pattern of late as I’ve been sucked back into Norrath with Mrs. P, Wilhelm and Gaff.  So much so that I managed to forget that Eve’s latest expansion “Quantum Rise” […]

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