Return of the EQ2 Armor Quest

With a surfeit of pent up sword and sorcery angst, I have waded into EQ2 with an eye towards progression, master chests, and AA advancement, in that order.  In a little over a week, I’m sitting at level 28 on my three toons, and have started my old master chest farming circuit–Stormhold, Varsoon, Runneye, and on to Cazic Thule and other T5 dungeons.  I chose a bit different setup than my old Crushbone trio this time–a sarnak guardian tank, a sarnak defiler for heals, and a ratonga dirge for the dps/utility spot.

I think I completed all the Timorous Deep quests along the standard progression track and moved back to Norrath before the weekend.  My weekend goal was to finish the class-specific armor quests for the three toons.  This was the first time I had worked on the Freeport version of the armor quests, and the first serious attempt I had made to complete them at all since the launch of the game in ’04.  Once you have an armorer and access to steel, the quest rewards just don’t compare.

There has been somewhat of a revamp to the quest line.  For my dirge and guardian, they worked the Custom Fitted Armor quest starting in the bowyer shop of East Freeport.  The defiler quest originates in the inn of North Freeport, Vassi’s Orders.  Reading what posts are still in tact under each step, I think these quests must have originally required a lot of grinding in Fallen Gate.  However, now all the quests were coordinated.  It is a huge improvement.  Despite different quest names and instructions, each toon needed basically the same mobs for all six steps.  It was a huge time saver.  I went from the Commonlands, into Edgewater Drains, and to Nek Forest for the last two steps.  No Fallen Gate or Stormhold, although I don’t know if or how the Qeynos versions of the quests pan out now.  In the course of working the quest I went from 23 to 27 and earned several AA points, bringing me to my Dungeons of Norrath circuit.  I only wish they had a weapon and helmet step to the quest line.

Ready for Stormhold!

Ready for Stormhold!

The armor looks great, which to me has always been a strongpoint of EQ2.  Unfortunately, I can’t play my three toons at the above resolution, but it sure is impressive in a screenshot.  Now I need to work the named mobs and the tradeskill instances.  Tier 4 will be here soon, and the equipment will be obsolete.


4 Responses to Return of the EQ2 Armor Quest

  1. Tipa says:

    That’s some crowd you have there 🙂

    Truly, it IS hard to get excited about doing the armor quests. But now that they can be worn in Appearance slots, there’s a reason to do them because they DO look really cool. The last set I did was for my Brigand, which took a LONG time because it was nearly impossible to get people to help.

  2. Gaff says:

    I don’t know, I was excited about them I guess. Perhaps I wasn’t clear above. I just had not been motivated to do them on CB since I could make better. I had a lot of fun this time around.

    As far as getting people to help..I took care of that 🙂 I was playing 4 accounts on CB, but it turned into work.

  3. nerrollus says:

    How’d you enjoy your trip into Edgewater Drains? God, when I did that armor quest on my two characters I was using a map and still had to wander around forever to find the right mobs. I hate that area.

  4. Gaff says:

    The EQ2 map add-on did wonders. I found my way pretty easy. I did come in the exact opposite entrance as I needed the first time.

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