Culture Shock

The XP progression of EQ2 has become somewhat faster in recent months, apparently.  I am now faced with a dilemma unheralded in my experiences with both EQ1 and EQ2.  I am outleveling more content than is good for me.  In fact, I am missing a lot of the EQ2 I returned to see, and have actually stopped adventuring and done tradeskills to check my progress. My toons hit 40 in evening play over a two week period. 

I am not a power gamer (contrary to other’s opinions).  Part of my quick leveling is due to multi-boxing, three toons in this incarnation.  I can slay without pause, and complete relatively difficult quests with little or no help.  I can run around dungeons like Varsoons, Stormhold, and now Runneye and farm named mobs while steadily driving the XP train.  However, normally mundane tasks are moving me forward at such a pace that the rewards are no longer viable.

Case in point–in my drive for AA, another casualty of the revised leveling curve, I wanted to get the Polished Granite Tomahawk in Thundering Steppes.  In the course of grinding out totems for the giant language on three toons, I leveled almost three times, and completed giant mastery twice.  At that pace I was forced to reevaluate the need for the Tomahawk and left for new quests that would open up new tiers of gear as I leveled.  The need to grind harvesting on two toons to 90 also dissuaded me from finishing at this time, but the ability to move forward in itself was motivation to abandon the quest for now and level.

I don’t think I am dissappointed in the change.  However. completing in two weeks what took me almost four months at launch is certainly a paradigm shift for the game.  I am looking forward to the T6 and above content perhaps more than Old Norrath, but I am not getting much of a nostalgia fix either, having outleveled Zek without spending much time there.  I did a handful of quests in Butcherblock and the Enchanted Lands as well.  I gained another level by completing Foomby’s in about an hour and a half.   I have to buy my armor retail on Guk because my armoring skills can’t keep up with the adventuring XP.  I can only surmise I will be looking for quests to drive up AA when I’m sitting at 80, although past experience with capped toons suggests I will be leveling a new group.


3 Responses to Culture Shock

  1. Lars says:

    Yeah it is a lot faster… I had one of my characters gain a level and a half just doing one deity quest update. Still, I don’t think they could do it any other way. You can always turn off XP if you -want- to level slower; but most of us enjoy these games by playing with other people, and all the other people are at level 80. So it doesn’t make sense to make it take long to get there. This is one reason why I hate the use of levels as a game mechanic for MMOs.

  2. Loredena says:

    They just recently shortened the leveling from 20-70; you already can turn off leveling from combat kills, and with the expansion and update next week you’ll be able to turn off quest exp if you want to. You do still get quest exp and AA’s from gray quests, but they are more fun when level-appropriate of course.

  3. Gaff says:

    I think I’m okay with the change. I want to move into the newer content anyway, it just is, as I titled the article, a culture shock from what I was used to in the game. My only real worry is that I will be way behind the AA curve.

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