Pathing and You(s)

Nek Castle is the devil.  It is the worse experience I have had with a multi-box group.  I led my three toons through the zone yesterday with some help from guildies, and had to manually manuever all three up every flight of stairs.  I felt bad each time everyone had to wait while I selfishly took the time to move everyone around.  I even sentenced group members to die while I was busy with my little army.

I will not be returning for the Missing Mask HQ, although I did pick it up…  Running the zone at level 40 netted me almost two full adventure levels and a couple AAs.


2 Responses to Pathing and You(s)

  1. Tipa says:

    Too bad, the Mask of the Beguiler HQ ends up with stats that are pretty dang uber for a charm slot item.

  2. Gaff says:

    Is that the same mask? It turns you into a dark elf?

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