SOE is a Tease

So having started the game at launch on my main account, I am eligible for my five year reward today, per the MOTD in game.  I hit the /claim, and moused over the reward, hoping to see a listing of the item before I decided if I needed it in my bag.  No list.  So next step, since it reads “one per character” was to claim.  Nothing.  I looked in my window to see what I received and got the message “You cannot consume this item.”

A mystery.  Or a bug.  Wasn’t the four year reward fubarred too?

I have to add an edit here–I logged on at 6 am CST today and saw the “You may now claim your 5 year veteran reward” message in the MOTD.  They have now changed it to reflect the Shadow Odyssey launch as the time for claiming said reward.


2 Responses to SOE is a Tease

  1. Esri says:

    Five year rewards will be active when the expansion goes live next week!

  2. Loredena says:

    It will show up on Tuesday along with the game update that accompanies the expansion.

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