Shadow Odyssey in Hand

I have purposely kept myself ignorant about the new EQ2 expansion.  I typically choose to experience a new expansion or game when it is live rather than applying for a beta or doing a lot of advanced reading.  Warhammer is an exception, and we know how that worked out.

So as I write the install splash screens are rolling by–I wish they had included some text, as it would help pass the time.  I had to go two places in town to find three copies of the game.  Best Buy had one copy this afternoon, and it was opened so I passed.  GameStop said they didn’t get very many in this time, but did have three copies for me.  One is open, I hope it is the one they had on the floor.

More to come, I hope!  I just found out today that there is content for lower levels!


One Response to Shadow Odyssey in Hand

  1. nerrollus says:

    I feel you on finding the game … The only place to purchase games within a 50 mile radius of where I live is Walmart and they don’t even have it. I had to order a copy from Amazon. 😦

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