Highlights of the Shadow Odyssey

I have had a couple of nights with the Shadow Odyssey now and am intrigued enough to accelerate the grind of my new trio.  I have to admit I have had only one trip into a new instance, Befallen.  It was for about two hours and five deaths, but still was a lot of fun.  Figuring out the new instances is always a blast.

Other highlights:

  • Memory charm–reset your vitality to 100 percent. Technically, these are 5 year account rewards but were released with the expansion.  As if my leveling wasn’t fast enough.  I used the charm last night, earned levels 48 and 49 in short order.  Was back to 10 percent vitality by the end of the night with another 6 days 20 hours on cooldown. Two hour duration 55 percent XP bonus pots are also good stuff. 
  • Dire Bear mount/pet–I am happy to have a “free” mount.  I am also happy, near as I can tell, that there is no stat bonus to the mount making the guild mounts superior.
  • The lack of my t8 toons–not a highlight of the expansion, but an frustration for me.  I miss Gaff, my 80 berserker, and my illusionist trio.  I can’t bear to go grind out the new quests in the Moors without them.  SOE:  Give us a new, free character transfers.
  • New AA tree–when I moved Lurk I didn’t assign all my AAs so I still had 18 to put into the mix.  The new tree has some quite useful slots–increase tradeskill progress, power pool, and health to name a few.

The Guk group is in the late 40s, with 50 to come tonight, I hope.  Sinking Sands awaits.  I went around to some “classic” zones, Everfrost, Lavastorm, etc., the other night in a search for easy quests and got frustrated with the “kill ten x” format.  I left with a guildie, the esteemed Ghostfrog Ranger to grind grind grind.  Triple-up minotaurs do an XP bar good.


2 Responses to Highlights of the Shadow Odyssey

  1. Wilhelm2451 says:

    The memory charm only resets your adventure vitality. I thought I was going to be so smart last night and grind out the last of my trade skill vitality, then reset it.

    Only when I used the charm, trade vitality stayed null, while adventure reset back to 100%. At least I was also very low on adventure vitality.

  2. Kilanna says:

    Hrms…. Think I might have seen you this morning in game.

    Guardain, Dirge and Defiler Trio?? Guard named Gaft???

    Didnt want to send a /tell in case I made a fool of myself :p

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