0.0 and Me

Having switched multi-box obsessions from LotRO, to EQ2, and finally landing back in EVE the last few months, I made the move to 0.0 space and a new corporation while remaining on speaking terms with Wilhelm and Potshot, et. al.  I’ve been taking lots of screenshots, and may try to do something similiar to Kilgore’s EVE Online Pictures for awhile.  First up, corporation mining operation this last week.

Lots of Lasers

Lots of Lasers

Things went well until our frequent roaming band of gankers came by from -A-.  We quickly reshipped and began to harrass the two reds in our system, giving them enough time to call in reinforcements and cost me a drake.  Incidentally, the same gang caught me the next day while I was installing “Cinderalla” on another computer for my daughter.  This time it cost my other pilot a raven.  Apparently, they hate children and I can’t seem to learn that 0.0 AFK equals 150 million ISK.

Speaking of which, Adam of The Witty Ranter and other Virgin Worlds podcasts has joined me in 0.0.  He seems to be having fun, although his losses of choice are hulks rather than Caldari rigs.  Of course, it helps when your ratting with this monster.

Goldfinger and Me!

Goldfinger and Me!

We used his firepower and my drake to get a nice kill a couple days ago.  Incidentally, Adam got credit for helping kill my drake as well.

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