War in Space

Still means hurry up and wait, regardless of the setting.  Is the primate below in a vagabond?

Tech 2 DPS Needed!

Tech 2 DPS Needed!

Beginning of the week brought new tidings from our neighboring PVP alliance, UK and some other group I haven’t heard of, Embers of Fire.  Another group, Bombus polaris [sic] declared and retracted war within minutes.  Not sure what that was about.
Coming to get us, apparently.

Coming to get us, apparently.


Nothing Instant in EVE

Nothing Instant in EVE

Not unlike The Great War, apparently mobilization means fighting and there is nothing our diplomatic corps can do to avert it.  However, why is there a 24 hour wait?  Why not instant combat?  Perhaps UK needs to train another set of skills to wage war?  I guess it is so that the “victim” cannot be immediately ganked in highsec by a suprise wardec (if there is such a thing).
So far the combat seems to have centered on UK blocking the pipe to highsec for our logistics.  A virtual “space blockade” on the bottleneck to market meaning there has not been a sustained engagement as of yet.  We have seen a few 5-15 ship fleets come through our space looking for lone targets, but they tend to get cloaky when we come out to fight.   I went on a short roam yesterday with some corp mates in tech 1 frigs and a cruiser.  We went to the UK hangout, and I saw my first war target icons.
All Cloaked

All Cloaked

Everyone expects this to be a long war, and UK has wardec’d several other alliances and corps as well.  I can only guess they want more pvp in more places.   Until I can do more than tackle, I am guessing I will be piloting a pod more frequently in the coming weeks.

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