Rorqual in Warp

March 19, 2010

Why I love 0.0, let me count the ways.  Well, here is number one.  The big ORE boat, the nullsec six-four, in all its glory.  I think the front of it is begging for a bayonet stud.  Happy Friday!

Cruising for some rock.


That’s a Big Spodumain

March 17, 2010

I’ve seen this a couple times before, as I’m guessing most miners in 0.0 systems have by now.  The industry upgrade on systems introduced with Dominion spawn “hidden” asteroid belts after level 1.  This particular belt boasts a spodumain roid the size of several titans.  I don’t have a good fix on the yield of the rock, but I know it took quite a few hulks to mine one out..and it took four hours or more.  Not a bad rock–spodumain does net some megacyte for your trouble.

Doesn't get much creepier than that.

 With any luck there will be Arkanor tomorrow, and the requisite bistot,  crokite, and on down the line.  Skyforger  continues to grub for minerals to build our new station and needs every rock we can find in our home systems.

Avatar Emerging from POS Shield

March 15, 2010

The alliance bridge bitch poking his head out of the POS.  I got somewhat lucky with this one–their is a Caldari freighter in the forground for scale.

War in Space

June 19, 2009

Still means hurry up and wait, regardless of the setting.  Is the primate below in a vagabond?

Tech 2 DPS Needed!

Tech 2 DPS Needed!

Beginning of the week brought new tidings from our neighboring PVP alliance, UK and some other group I haven’t heard of, Embers of Fire.  Another group, Bombus polaris [sic] declared and retracted war within minutes.  Not sure what that was about.
Coming to get us, apparently.

Coming to get us, apparently.


Nothing Instant in EVE

Nothing Instant in EVE

Not unlike The Great War, apparently mobilization means fighting and there is nothing our diplomatic corps can do to avert it.  However, why is there a 24 hour wait?  Why not instant combat?  Perhaps UK needs to train another set of skills to wage war?  I guess it is so that the “victim” cannot be immediately ganked in highsec by a suprise wardec (if there is such a thing).
So far the combat seems to have centered on UK blocking the pipe to highsec for our logistics.  A virtual “space blockade” on the bottleneck to market meaning there has not been a sustained engagement as of yet.  We have seen a few 5-15 ship fleets come through our space looking for lone targets, but they tend to get cloaky when we come out to fight.   I went on a short roam yesterday with some corp mates in tech 1 frigs and a cruiser.  We went to the UK hangout, and I saw my first war target icons.
All Cloaked

All Cloaked

Everyone expects this to be a long war, and UK has wardec’d several other alliances and corps as well.  I can only guess they want more pvp in more places.   Until I can do more than tackle, I am guessing I will be piloting a pod more frequently in the coming weeks.

Monday Ice Op

June 15, 2009
The corporation continues to move along, working on our fuel needs for the various POSs and the new station.  Today was ice mining, but unfortunately the dark glitter did not spawn, and we were left with enriched clear icicles to pick apart with our mackinaws and hulks.
Blue Beams of Happiness

Blue Beams of Happiness

I really need to get my second two miners into tech II ice harvesters.  The one character I have using tech IIs outpaces them by a large amount.

Miner Blues

July 25, 2008

After taking quite some time off from posting, due to a variety of reasons, the most honest being I wanted to play more than I wanted to write, I have put up a post (now two).  This has not gone unnoticed by the likes of Wilhelm at The Ancient Gaming Noob and another sometime gaming partner, Potshot.  So up front, thanks for the links, and thanks for the mention on on Shut Up We’re Talking, a great podcast for non-WAR fanboi’s. I saw a big spike in views once the links were active.

Now, on to the EVE madness.  After getting back into the game I set a few goals for myself.  The first and most important was (and is) making money.  My Bantam was quickly replaced by an Osprey for mining and I progressed through a couple different missile platforms for mission running–although I avoided missions for a couple weeks, having been blown up on some of the noob missions.  I am still unsure whether the first PVE experience in a game should be losing your ship and warping back to the station in your pod, the tears of shame and regret coursing down a virtual face.  Perhaps it is foreshadowing.  I did get the hang of the mission genre, and am progressing fairly easily now.

I am getting pretty close to a Retriever mining barge, and should in fact be flying that ship through some belts after my return from vacation next week.  However, as a stop-gap and to increase the ore each cycle, I decided to deviate from the Complete Mining Guide and bought a Ferox class battlecruiser.  While there is a mining bonus using the Osprey, the Ferox boasts six turrets for my miner II’s as well as an extra turret for a missile launcher and a 25 m3 drone bay.  With a shield booster in place, this taxes out my power reserves but boosted each cycle by around 20%.  I bring my second pilot along in the Mammoth and scoop in the loot.

The Ferox is so proficient a miner that I think my take in a Retreiver will be similiar.  Doing what little math I am capable of, it appears the base cycle yield for two strip miner I’s is the same as six miner II’s, however the mining barge skills and upgrading those strip miners should bring in more ore.

I have joined a 0.0 corp, with bases in several systems, one of which is some 46 jumps through 0.0 space.  I haven’t ventured out there yet, but have resolved to lose many ships when I do–hence my obsession with making money.  I am within a few days of flying a Raven, and can put some basic fittings on the ship but will be looking for some good ECM modules before I run out to the first corp base.

If I can take screen shots while trying to escape gate camps, I may have another blog post.

Return of the Gaff

June 25, 2007

I have been on a bit of a hiatus, have you noticed?  Thanks for keeping tabs on me folks, I sincerely appreciate it.  I will give you a quick run down, and unfortunately for you readers, it is mostly devoid of drama.  As a teacher, the end of the year is quite busy, both with grading papers and the coaching I do.  Late afternoons and evening work left me with little time to write, much less play, and so I got out of the habit of posting here.  I was beginning to hint at a reduced posting rate with my article Balancing Time, though I was not really considering stopping all together.

However, as many of you know, once you get out of the habit of doing something, it tends to become a habit in itself.  So I would like to apologize for not updating you all on my status, and appreciate all of you that have left my linked.  I plan on picking up the post rate again, though probably not daily as some do.  As far as my distractions, I have gotten my duo, Lurk and Gaff, to level 70 and been raiding some since the end of the school year.  The family has taken off for the lake a few weekends to camp and fish, although the boat is now in need of some repair (dry rot will do that).  On top of those things, my daughter has started dance class, I finished coaching both my high school team and my son’s soccer team, we are now playing T-ball, taking swim lessons, going to the pool, gardening (I should be canning salsa soon), and trying to get my new machine up to speed with all of my logins and favorite spots from my old machine.  Enough about real life, here are a few pics from the new card–

This pic was the first morning I logged into EQ2 with the new card–I was floored.  These pic’s never do the graphics justice in game, but all I can say is it was money well-spent.


A more recent picture in KoS, at the quest mob for Draco Mortuus Vos Liberatio:

Squid Face

Here is a frog from the Hidden Refuge–I was impressed with the chain mail detail–I think Lurk is in love.  The thumbnail is a test of my login from the new machine.

More to come–I promise this time!