That’s a Big Spodumain

March 17, 2010

I’ve seen this a couple times before, as I’m guessing most miners in 0.0 systems have by now.  The industry upgrade on systems introduced with Dominion spawn “hidden” asteroid belts after level 1.  This particular belt boasts a spodumain roid the size of several titans.  I don’t have a good fix on the yield of the rock, but I know it took quite a few hulks to mine one out..and it took four hours or more.  Not a bad rock–spodumain does net some megacyte for your trouble.

Doesn't get much creepier than that.

 With any luck there will be Arkanor tomorrow, and the requisite bistot,  crokite, and on down the line.  Skyforger  continues to grub for minerals to build our new station and needs every rock we can find in our home systems.


War in Space

June 19, 2009

Still means hurry up and wait, regardless of the setting.  Is the primate below in a vagabond?

Tech 2 DPS Needed!

Tech 2 DPS Needed!

Beginning of the week brought new tidings from our neighboring PVP alliance, UK and some other group I haven’t heard of, Embers of Fire.  Another group, Bombus polaris [sic] declared and retracted war within minutes.  Not sure what that was about.
Coming to get us, apparently.

Coming to get us, apparently.


Nothing Instant in EVE

Nothing Instant in EVE

Not unlike The Great War, apparently mobilization means fighting and there is nothing our diplomatic corps can do to avert it.  However, why is there a 24 hour wait?  Why not instant combat?  Perhaps UK needs to train another set of skills to wage war?  I guess it is so that the “victim” cannot be immediately ganked in highsec by a suprise wardec (if there is such a thing).
So far the combat seems to have centered on UK blocking the pipe to highsec for our logistics.  A virtual “space blockade” on the bottleneck to market meaning there has not been a sustained engagement as of yet.  We have seen a few 5-15 ship fleets come through our space looking for lone targets, but they tend to get cloaky when we come out to fight.   I went on a short roam yesterday with some corp mates in tech 1 frigs and a cruiser.  We went to the UK hangout, and I saw my first war target icons.
All Cloaked

All Cloaked

Everyone expects this to be a long war, and UK has wardec’d several other alliances and corps as well.  I can only guess they want more pvp in more places.   Until I can do more than tackle, I am guessing I will be piloting a pod more frequently in the coming weeks.

Monday Ice Op

June 15, 2009
The corporation continues to move along, working on our fuel needs for the various POSs and the new station.  Today was ice mining, but unfortunately the dark glitter did not spawn, and we were left with enriched clear icicles to pick apart with our mackinaws and hulks.
Blue Beams of Happiness

Blue Beams of Happiness

I really need to get my second two miners into tech II ice harvesters.  The one character I have using tech IIs outpaces them by a large amount.

0.0 and Me

June 14, 2009

Having switched multi-box obsessions from LotRO, to EQ2, and finally landing back in EVE the last few months, I made the move to 0.0 space and a new corporation while remaining on speaking terms with Wilhelm and Potshot, et. al.  I’ve been taking lots of screenshots, and may try to do something similiar to Kilgore’s EVE Online Pictures for awhile.  First up, corporation mining operation this last week.

Lots of Lasers

Lots of Lasers

Things went well until our frequent roaming band of gankers came by from -A-.  We quickly reshipped and began to harrass the two reds in our system, giving them enough time to call in reinforcements and cost me a drake.  Incidentally, the same gang caught me the next day while I was installing “Cinderalla” on another computer for my daughter.  This time it cost my other pilot a raven.  Apparently, they hate children and I can’t seem to learn that 0.0 AFK equals 150 million ISK.

Speaking of which, Adam of The Witty Ranter and other Virgin Worlds podcasts has joined me in 0.0.  He seems to be having fun, although his losses of choice are hulks rather than Caldari rigs.  Of course, it helps when your ratting with this monster.

Goldfinger and Me!

Goldfinger and Me!

We used his firepower and my drake to get a nice kill a couple days ago.  Incidentally, Adam got credit for helping kill my drake as well.

Return of the EQ2 Armor Quest

November 3, 2008

With a surfeit of pent up sword and sorcery angst, I have waded into EQ2 with an eye towards progression, master chests, and AA advancement, in that order.  In a little over a week, I’m sitting at level 28 on my three toons, and have started my old master chest farming circuit–Stormhold, Varsoon, Runneye, and on to Cazic Thule and other T5 dungeons.  I chose a bit different setup than my old Crushbone trio this time–a sarnak guardian tank, a sarnak defiler for heals, and a ratonga dirge for the dps/utility spot.

I think I completed all the Timorous Deep quests along the standard progression track and moved back to Norrath before the weekend.  My weekend goal was to finish the class-specific armor quests for the three toons.  This was the first time I had worked on the Freeport version of the armor quests, and the first serious attempt I had made to complete them at all since the launch of the game in ’04.  Once you have an armorer and access to steel, the quest rewards just don’t compare.

There has been somewhat of a revamp to the quest line.  For my dirge and guardian, they worked the Custom Fitted Armor quest starting in the bowyer shop of East Freeport.  The defiler quest originates in the inn of North Freeport, Vassi’s Orders.  Reading what posts are still in tact under each step, I think these quests must have originally required a lot of grinding in Fallen Gate.  However, now all the quests were coordinated.  It is a huge improvement.  Despite different quest names and instructions, each toon needed basically the same mobs for all six steps.  It was a huge time saver.  I went from the Commonlands, into Edgewater Drains, and to Nek Forest for the last two steps.  No Fallen Gate or Stormhold, although I don’t know if or how the Qeynos versions of the quests pan out now.  In the course of working the quest I went from 23 to 27 and earned several AA points, bringing me to my Dungeons of Norrath circuit.  I only wish they had a weapon and helmet step to the quest line.

Ready for Stormhold!

Ready for Stormhold!

The armor looks great, which to me has always been a strongpoint of EQ2.  Unfortunately, I can’t play my three toons at the above resolution, but it sure is impressive in a screenshot.  Now I need to work the named mobs and the tradeskill instances.  Tier 4 will be here soon, and the equipment will be obsolete.

Drake Escape

October 20, 2008

While I still have a Warhammer account (thanks for asking) I have not found much to write about concerning the game which hasn’t already been said.  In fact, aside from the Wilhelm/Potshot instance group, I have not been able to play much during the week.   Mining in EVE, with the new Hulk/Retriever setup is sufficiently mindless and allows me to be a dad, do work for school, etc.

Mindless mission running is what I was engaged in last night, as I worked through a 10 part storyline mission for the Amarr Navy.  Every other one is a courier mission, and I break out the Drake for those out of impatience–they Rokh turns slow, warps slow, and is generally just a big DPS machine, not a decent mode of transport.  The decision to run with the Drake saved a full set of implants last night.

I headed to the first gate, intent on finishing up this last courier mission before turning in for the night–I had been mining and running missions most of the evening and was a bit fatigued.  My lethargy led to a moments hesitation, when warping into the first gate I was greeted with a highlighted-yellow pilot icon, sporting a large red star.  I don’t think it even registered what that meant as he began to flash red.  I am still not brave enough to use autopilot so I was within jump distance.  Hitting the gate I quickly set up to warp to my next waypoint.

Revisiting the gate--notice the addition of a cloak.

Revisiting the gate--notice the addition of a cloak.

Too late–he was on me, and I was scrambled.  My velocity began to bottom out and his drones were already on the way.  Denied another gate, I turned towards the one I just came through–12 klicks away.  In the meantime I opened up with seven heavy launchers and five Hobgoblin IIs.  This was almost a fatal mistake.  My booster kept the shield relatively in tact for 10 km, as I spammed the jump button, only noticing on the fifth or sixth click a message:  “Due to your recent acts of aggression, you are not allowed to jump” or something to that effect.

I pulled in the drones, shut down the missiles, more in an attempt to save cap and the hope to warp out at some point.  There was a barely discernable sliver of red damage on his shield–not even an annoyance for him.  I was still being scrambled periodically, and apparently webbed as well, judging from the wild swings in velocity.  The cap failed, and in perhaps half a second my shield was gone and my armor dropped in half.  And the gate worked.  I was through, and headed back into the station I had just left.  Either he didn’t realize what I was doing headed back towards the gate, or he thought I would die before I got through.  The enemy ship was a good 12 km from the gate when I left, giving me time to escape with my implants still in my head.

The rest of the night I spent looking over my shoulder, fitting a cloak on my ships, and generally worrying that when I get to 0.0 I’m going to be killed a lot.  Potshot reminded me it was my idea to join a corp that operated in 0.0–I guess this is my just reward.  A bit of Shakespeare popped into my head when I limped into my home station.  Battered and damaged, I had survived a pretty lopsided encounter.

What though the mast be now blown overboard,
The cable broke, the holding-anchor lost,
And half our sailors swallow’d in the flood?
Yet lives our pilot still.

Henry VI, Scene IV Act V


October 14, 2008

Title says it all.  I have achieved the Hulk.  Along with my EVE pod-mates, Wilhelm and of course Potshot, I am now mining at unimagined (by me anyway) rates.  With the Hulk on station alongside my combat pilot’s Retriever, money is a bit easier to come by of late.  In fact, the recent downturn in the kernite market has barely been in a hiccup in my cash flow–veldspar is readily available and the trit is selling fairly well.

The problem with new toys in EVE is it makes me want to play more–playing more makes me micromanage my skill queues.  When WAR was still shiny, I got the bulk of my Hulk skills down, drones V, gunnery V, electronics V, and a variety of other skills trained without noticing the time.  Now when I log in to mine or run missions, the hour and thirty minute skills seem to last forever.

At least I can haul in massive amounts of ore while it ticks by.  Next up are shield skills on the combat pilot and perhaps a Drake for my miner.  That pilot has little more than learning, industrial, and mining skills currently.